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Can you recommend a good restaurant? Turn off the light. Tom showed her the letter from Santa Claus. Just a moment please. Ours is a small family. Is it close? The restaurant owner allowed her to take table scraps home to feed all of her dogs. Are you kidding? I usually have really good reception here. Raise your hand before you answer. Tom got a small piece of pie.
Pedro Capo: - He believes that there is a spy among us.
- He runs very fast.
- Why did she do that?
- I wish I didn't have to work.
- There's no more salt.
- I met him by chance.
- She advised him on that matter.
- Next please. Hello. How can I help you?
- He is working in MSN � USA.
- Do ghosts really exist?
She wanted him to help her father. Where do you buy the vegetables? She waited for him to come home. He extended his right arm. Bob always goes to bed at 10:00. I'd like to have a glass of wine. Do you need to buy stamps? I relaxed at home last Sunday. She was almost hit by a car. I didn't think you were going to make it.

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