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Can you read that sign ahead of us? I can't possibly manage it. Did I ask them to wait? Don't ask me for money. Tom offered to lend me the money. It has been scientifically proven that... I want to see your mother. It's too loud. She can sing very well. I'll show you how to catch fish.
No$3ds: - You'll feel better.
- Bedtime, I think.
- I'll leave it up to you.
- Is she here now?
- How old are they?
- He is still standing.
- Will you help me to clean the room?
- It is not as good as it looks.
- This table isn't steady.
- She always lets her children do what they want to.
Is it nearby? I got up about five. Tom kept talking all night. Turn up the TV. She advised him to give up smoking, but he wouldn't listen to her. All day. My parents live in the country. He can read English easily. I think he's competent. I'm very well, thank you.

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